General objective

Improvement of the professional qualification of Physics faculty in Basic Education (Elementary and High School) and Higher Education (Teacher´s Degree in Physics).

Specific objective

Target Audience

1. Physics Teachers in Basic Education (Elementary and High School).

2. Professors of Physics in Higher Education who work in the Teacher's Education Degree  in Physics or related.

Program Description

The Vocational Master's in Physics Teaching is a professional preparation in the teaching area, focusing on teaching, learning, curriculum and the school system, always referenced by education in Physics.  It is specifically aimed at the evolution and improvement of education in Physics, either by direct action in the classroom, or by contributing to the solution of educational problems in Physics, in basic education, and regarding higher education, it focuses on the training of teachers of Physics or related fields.

This master's degree is also characterized by the terminality- it seeks to prepare the professional to act in the classroom and in the system - and by high standards of didactic production in the area of Physics for high school. Distinctly from the academic Master's Degree in Physics Teaching, Which has no immediate commitment to the classroom and for which there is the doctorate as a natural continuation, the Professional Master's Degree in Physics Teaching aims directly at teaching in the classroom and in the school system without compromising the master's student with academic research or with the doctorate.