Master´s Degree in Systems Applied to Engineering and Management


This program enables the verticalization of training for graduates, mainly but not exclusively, of Exact and Earth Sciences, Engineering and Applied Social Sciences, as well as professionals working in organizations (public or private) interested in improving their knowledge in computer systems.

 It is important to observe that, although the computational systems represent the integrating axis of the proposal (concentration area), the student does not necessarily have to act directly in the Computing area, since both lines have projects for both profiles: applied solution developers, as well as implanters of these solutions; both with critical visions. In other words, for those who identify Computing as an end or as a means.

 The program identifies that the productive organizations internally have two strands where the professionals act: the management and the engineering. In this way, its two lines, while they are united by the same thematic axis - the computational systems -concentrate in a strand, being the line of Systems Applied to Management and the line of Systems Applied to Engineering.

I. Systems Applied to Engineering

 The objective of this line is to model, integrate and develop systems that support the resolution of problems addressed by Engineering, having a theme focused on the construction of models and software and hardware systems that support the execution of productive processes and / or interact with the environment where these processes are executed. In this way, the production of knowledge in the line is related to one or more of these three activities: (i) investigation of sustainability issues and their relation with productive processes, (ii) computational modeling, understood as the work of representation and simulation of solutions to engineering problems, analyzing the phenomena, developing physical-mathematical models for its description, and elaborating computational codes to obtain the solutions, (iii) systems integration and development, which is the process of defining, designing, testing and implementing applications that involve one or more software, hardware and sensors.

II. Systems Applied to Management

The objective of this line is to analyze and elaborate models as well as develop computational systems that support business management, using decision making techniques and Systems Engineering, as well as critically evaluate the adoption of technological solutions applied to business in organizations. Today, organizations have growing demands for quality and technologies that contribute to their sustainable development. For this, it is necessary to develop and / or analyze systems applied to the management, having them efficient and adapted to the business processes, in order to promote the improvement of the organization.

Target Audience

Holders of undergraduate diplomas in the areas of Engineering, Applied Social Sciences and Exact and Earth Sciences or other undergraduate programs who are interested in furthering their studies in Systems Applied to Engineering and / or Management.