Maricá is one of the newest IFFluminense campuses, the first in the Metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro state.

By RJ-114 highway, in Ubatiba, Maricá Advanced Campus of IFFluminense is being built, the first one in the Metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro state, in partnership with the City Hall.

In an area of 42 thousand square meters, a complex of seven two-storey buildings is being constructed, being one of them for laboratories, and 20 classrooms to serve up to 1,400 students. To start this project, a property was evicted in 2015 by the municipal government to initiate campus activities.

With 30 workers integrating its staff, Maricá advanced campus received its first students on February 23, 2015, for the beginning of the school year: 68 new students enrolled in the High-School Integrated to the Infrastructure Vocational Training Course and about 70 students from the 2nd year of the Technical Course in Buildings, previously offered by CEM Joana Benedicta Rangel. The temporary headquarter was officially inaugurated on March 03, 2015.

The campus pedagogical project – intended to offer Vocational Training Courses organized in different axes – states that students will only make the choice for the habilitation when the enrollment is renewed for the 2nd year. The unit will work with a pedagogical proposal based on the formative polytechnic conception, which aims, among other aspects, to the comprehensive formation of the student, through interdisciplinarity and the integration of professional education with humanistic formation.